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Sarah Kane is a self-taught painter, sculptor, and illustrator currently residing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Gifted with a keen photographic memory at an early age, Sarah has the ability to vividly reproduce anything she sees into a work of art. Sarah also finds pleasure in walking the line between hyper-realism and conceptual art. Her ultimate goal is to provide her clients with work that elicits a genuine emotional reaction when looked upon. 

Sarah has experience working in multiple mediums. She has created commissions for various private individuals and galleries, ranging from line drawings, to oil paintings, to pastels, all beautifully rendered on canvas. Her works are full of movement and the energy of the subjects captured within them, creating a visceral experience for those enjoying them. Sarah's artwork is representative of several genres, including portrait realism, photographic reproduction, and abstract.

In her free time, Ms. Kane is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and recording artist. Her musical life fuels her creative artwork, and vice versa. She also enjoys spending time riding and caring for horses, which can be seen in the incredibly detailed and beautiful renderings of them in her artwork. 

My experience

Since I can remember, I have always been able to draw and create from my mind. I was lucky to experience a lush art experience from the fantastic art teachers in the Pennsbury School District where I spent my entire scholastic career.  

I never received any private art lessons as a child. However, my father was huge fan of Bob Ross. I can remember watching him almost daily as a young child.  What I remember most about watching him is how relaxed he was while painting and how much he really loved the things he was painting. His attitude always comforted me. 

   During my college breaks, I often worked at an assisted living home in Langhorne. It was there that I had the privilege of meeting and caring for the amazingly accomplished artist Elizabeth Ruggles. She was such a firecracker !! She gave me my only private art lessons in life, about four lessons total.  She changed my perspective and told me to be freer and not so obsessively exact. I now enjoy diving in and out of hyper-realism. I am forever thankful for her guidance.


   I have enjoyed being commissioned for a wealth of portrait work. I also rather enjoy mural painting. Recently, I have taught many art classes at Learning Allegro Music in Glenmoore, PA. I teach music and  private art lessons there as well. 

My vision

Art has always been an all or nothing thing for me. I have such a respect for presentation, and I enjoy giving my clients a true emotional experience when viewing my work.  I want to provoke questions. I want to inspire. 

I enjoy being bold and fearless in my approach. I always yearn to showcase all spectrums, from stark highlights to deep and rich contours and shadows.  You should be able to experience my work from far away and still FEEL the work.  

I am often asked if I have a preference in style of medium. I do not.  All realms feel the same once I begin.  While in the process of creating, I often feel as if I am separated from the world.  My cares go away, I don't worry about the drama of everyday life and my body becomes extremely relaxed.  I have often lost myself in my work and looked up to see over ten hours have passed.  

I take pride in my work, and I care about each and every one of my clients. I know I am creating something that will last a lifetime, and I have a deep respect for that. I feel extremely blessed to have been given the gift of art and creation !

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